Wedding Tip : Online Wedding Gowns11  Jun 2014         Jessica Ratty

This blog post is not written to scare you! I just want to make sure that all of my Bride's are properly educated on some issues with online ordering, before they do it.

Quite a few Bride's I speak to say that they are thinking of ordering their wedding gown online as it is a lot cheaper.... PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! I have heard many and most horror experiences, I don't think I have ever had a positive outcome. A few years ago, I had a gorgeous Bride who decided to order 3 wedding gowns off the internet as they were quite cheap, so she thought that at least one would come back okay... All three dresses arrived and they were not like the images displayed, they did not fit properly at all, yet she had an amazing figure. She took them to an alterations place and showed the seamstress. The seamstress got her to try on a professionally made gown that they had there and asked my Bride if she would like her dress to fit like that... My Bride was very excited and said yes, this is exactly how I want you to make my gowns fit... The seamstress then had to tell her that there was no way that any of the dresses could be fixed enough to fit the way she wanted them to fit, they were made poorly to begin with, so she couldn't save them. My Bride had to then go out and buy a 4th dress in Perth at full although she originally thought she would be saving money, she ended up spending a lot more than just getting a custom gown that you know fits. 

I had another client who ordered a wedding gown on a website she found, she paid for the gown (it wasn't a really cheap dress either), the dress never arrived... she tried to contact the phone number but it was disconnected, the website then disappeared and she lost all of the money she had paid for that gown.

I have had other Bride's who have seen a gown in a boutique in Perth, then gone online and found what seems to be "the exact same gown" (as these websites often use the exact same photos that the gown designers and gown boutiques use, so Brides assume that it is exactly the same gown). This usually is not the case at all... There are many websites out there that show you the stunning gown that you have been wanting, but the gown they send you is a far cheaper and low quality version, they usually use cheaper fabrics and it arrives looking very different and not fitting very well.

So especially when it comes to Wedding Bridal Gowns, please be careful, while you think you could save money, it may end up costing you more, wedding gowns just have so much detailing and beautiful features, that it really needs to be made right. 

This is your wedding gown, your one wedding day to wear your dream gown, make sure you are in love with your gown and 100% happy with it, the last thing you want, is to look back at your images and regret your gown. It is your one special day... why not spoil yourself?

I will admit though, I did order my Bridesmaid gowns online... BUT.... I used a very reputable site that many people I knew had used before. Even one of my clients had ordered her Bridesmaid gowns from there - she showed them to me and they were such high quality, the seams were perfect, they were custom made to each girls measurements and were beautiful! I was still quite nervous though as I was having 5 bridesmaids, so I didn't want to order and pay for 5 gowns and then they arrive and look terrible! So way in advance, I ordered the exact gown I wanted, but in red so I could check the quality and wear it to our own Engagement Session Shoot. It arrived and was gorgeous. It was so well made and the fabric was beautiful. So I ordered all of my Bridesmaid dresses - the exact same gown but in black, I put them all on the same order. ***This is really important to put them together in the order, as different fabric batches may have a slight different colour tone or depth, so you want all of the dresses to be made from the same batch.. Otherwise a dress or two could be slightly a different shade or tone. My Bridesmaid gowns arrived and they were perfect, a few of them just needed to get them shortened for their heels, or added darts into the bust so there was no gap. 

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