THE DAY OF YOUR BOUDOIR SHOOT09  Mar 2018         Jessica Ratty

Usually before a boudoir session, every client at some point mentions how nervous they are about the shoot, how self conscious they are and how it is something that they would never usually do. They totally scare themselves about the experience before they even arrive! I PROMISE you, there is nothing to be scared about at all!

It is always me that photographs all of the boudoir sessions and I am the one who you will deal with throughout your entire process. From the initial inquiry, to booking your session, photographing your session, choosing your images to the retouching and collection of your order. I want to ensure that you feel completely comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process.

When you first arrive we will have a chat for a while and go through the outfits that you have brought along, any props or ideas that you may have (don't stress if you don't have anything particular in mind - most clients arrive at their session completely happy to leave the entire thing up to me). Then you will be left alone to get changed into your first outfit. We always start with the most covered up outfit, to get you use to being in front of the camera first and feeling 100% comfortable. From there we will go through all of your outfits and usually end with the most revealing outfit.

It will be relaxed and fun! I will guide you every step of the way, showing you how to stand and pose down to your last fingertip! All you have to do is relax and be your gorgeous self! And I PROMISE that I’m not that scary!

After your shoot, while you are getting redressed and packing away your outfits, I will be in the image consultation room preparing your images for you to see straight away! Once you are dressed and ready, you will come into the image consultation room with me and you will be treated to a slideshow on the big screen of all of your images from your session. We will then go through your images together, removing any that you don't like. We will keep going through them until you have narrowed them down to your absolute favourites and the ones that you definitely would like to order. At this stage you can decide what you would like to order, whether it is prints, a brag book, an album etc.

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