Our Honeymoon : A Trip Around Asia09  Jul 2014         Jessica Ratty

My gorgeous Brides always share their Honeymoon stories and photos with me, so I thought I should share some images from our incredible Honeymoon. Although our wedding was in May, we went on our Honeymoon at the end of the year in December. 

Our first stop was Hong Kong, it was almost Christmas time and there was Christmas trees and decorations everywhere! We stayed at the Shangri-La and had an amazing view over the Harbour. Hong Kong was so amazing and there was just so much to do. It was freezing while we were there - so it was perfect coat and faux fur neck warmers. 

While we were in Hong Kong we went to DISNEYLAND! Apart from our wedding day, I think this was one of the happiest and most exciting days of our life! We entered the gates and became children again! Everything was so happy and so much fun. There is no way you can't be happy in Disneyland! To top it off because it was Christmas they had on special Christmas shows and carols and even made it snow from the roof tops! 

After spending 6 days in Hong Kong, it was time for us to board the cruise ship - The Holland America : Volendam. It was a 16 night cruise, leaving from Hong Kong and we went to four different stops in Vietnam. We had 2 days in Saigon - which was absolutely incredible - at night time the streets lit up with Christmas lights and decorations, the atmosphere was incredible. We then had a day in Cambodia. We celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve on the ship, which was amazing, Christmas decorations everywhere, carol singers, Christmas shows, champagne and a New Years Eve incredible party. From Cambodia we cruised to Thailand - our first two day stop was in Bangkok, which again was amazing!!! 8 story shopping centres everywhere - they were so big we didn't even see a quarter of them. Bangkok also had such incredible atmosphere at night, so much to see and do. From Bangkok we then went to Koh Samui for a day - we spent the day laying on the beach and swimming in the beautiful blue water. 

The cruise finished in Singapore, I was so excited to get there as Stuart had never been before and had no idea how much there was to do there! We spent the week drinking cocktails, shopping up a storm, swimming with dolphins, Universal Studios... I don't think we slept much that week! There was just way too much to see and do. My Sister Melissa and her partner Nick happened to be in Singapore for a couple of days overlapping our time there. As they are expecting their first baby in July, we wanted to take them out for a celebratory dinner. We wanted to find something really different and amazing... We took them to a restaurant called NOX - which is a dining in the dark restaurant. You arrive, sit and have the most amazing cocktails in the world. You are then escorted upstairs (in total complete darkness - you cannot see a thing) by your blind waiter who knows their way around the restaurant. He then takes each of you to your seat and explains where everything is on the table... still completely in the dark... You cannot even see the outline of the person across from you. It was the most amazing, yet strange experience ever! You are sitting at the table, eating your 3 courses, talking to the people you are with... yet you can't see your food or each other... pouring water into a glass, is also done in complete darkness. It isn't until after you have finished the meal, you go downstairs back into the light and guess the things you have eaten, they then tell you exactly what each dish was. Incredible experience!

The last stop on our Honeymoon was a week in Manila - visiting Stuart's Step Mum who lives over there for part of the year. Stella and Stuart's Dad Peter, always wanted to go swimming with the whale sharks, but the last time they were in Manila, he was too ill to go. So we really wanted to do it, as he could never do it. So Stella took us out to swim with the whale sharks! It was the most amazing experience ever! Some of them were the size of a bus and there was 4-5 swimming around us. Their mouths were huge but they were such gentle giants... they would swim to you and you would need to get out of their way. It was the best thing we have ever done!!!

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