Liam & Jasmin : Wedding Album27  Jun 2014         Jessica Ratty

Liam and Jasmin were married in December at the gorgeous Caversham House. After their wedding day they loved their images so much, they ended up having an 80 page album! So there was quite a few pages to share, so I thought I would share a few of my favourite pages. 

When some people are planning their Wedding Day, they don't think about just how important the images from that day are. There is only 1 chance to capture all of the beautiful moments that happen during the day and create amazing images for you. If the images are not perfect or you don't love them, there is no going back and redoing it. Photography is one of the few vendors that you will book, not being able to see the finished product until after your wedding day, when things cannot be changed. 

There are so many beautiful moments that you don't want to miss on your day. You have spent so much time and money planning and dreaming of your perfect wedding, the gown, the flowers, the venue, the hair and makeup.. all of those things are only there for the day. Your gown will be stored away and kept safe, the hair and makeup is taken off, the flowers dry out and the venue closes at the end of your reception. After the Wedding day, the only thing that you will have to remind you of all of those beautiful details and special moments, are your wedding photographs. From the place settings, to the bonbonnieres, the centrepieces, your wedding cake, the details in your dream wedding gown, your flowers, the shoes, the jewellery - all of these special details should be captured and remembered. 

Some couples think that they won't want an album after their wedding day. But it is something that definitely finishes off your images, it tells the beautiful story of your wedding day, it shows all of the details you put time and money into, you can show your family and friends easily and it will become your first family heirloom. 

How many times have you taken photos on your phone or had them on the computer, but never got around to printing them or having them up for display? With technology changing everyday you need to be careful with digital only photos. As years ago they used floppy disks, now you can't even read them on a computer, videos were on VHS, but we are now moving to DVD. But all of the new Apple computers are designed with no disk drive, so is that an indication of where technology is heading? No more DVDs or disks? If all of your images are only in digital form, what happens if one day you can't access them? Or the disk fails? At least you know your album will last forever.

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