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Some couples when they are looking for a photographer, don't really know what to look for and how to spot the differences and different quality. It all comes down to the uniqueness of the photographers work, as well as the quality of the products that they produce and how your finished images are presented.

If you are only getting your images on disk, they will not look the same as what the photographer has on display when you print them. There are many reasons for this, first of all usually the files are either straight from the camera or edited (Which can sometimes just mean colour corrected - some people think this means that the images are fully retouched - normally that is not the case as there is so much time and work that goes into retouching images, that to provide a disk of fully retouched images would be impossible, or they would have to charge a lot to cover their time and fees.) So this is usually one huge reason why they will not look the same, but there is also the issue of the lab you use, professional photographers have their images printed at the best professional labs in Australia, which are colour calibrated to their computers, to ensure the printing and colours are perfect. Also when you use a one hour lab, they are not using quality printers, paper or ink, they are also printed usually by an unqualified casual worker who just presses print. So they are not colour managed or quality controlled. The difference between a photograph that a good quality professional photographer can present to you as the finished product and an image that you get printed off a disk, is honestly a huge difference. 

I have given a few examples below of what an image looks like when it comes out of the camera and then the piece of art it is turned into, once it has been fully retouched. 

Each image is treated differently and retouched differently, depending on the image. In all images the couples skin is always softened and airbrushed, blemishes are removed, we make their features stand out and ensure that the landscape around them looks incredible and the detail is really showcased and the image has a punch of colour and just pops!

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