ALANA & DARREN : A PEEL MANOR WEDDING30  Mar 2017         Jessica Ratty

The sweetest, most loving and adorable couples of all time! The stunning Alana and Darren live in the UK but Alana is originally from Perth. So their wedding day was at the gorgeous and ever so romantic Peel Manor, just south of Perth. 

On the morning of the wedding, we woke up to very very dark clouds and insanely heavy rain! The terrible weather continued all morning and the ceremony was almost changed to inside but about 10 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to begin, the rain stopped and the decision was made to continue with the ceremony outside. As Alana walked down the aisle and reached Darren, the Sun began to peak through the clouds and shine. It was amazing!

Not long after the ceremony, the dark clouds returned and so did the rain. But they always make for the most romantic and beautiful photographs!

So many Brides become so stressed and worried when rain or stormy weather is forecast for their wedding day. But there is honestly nothing to worry about, as long as you have a backup plan for your ceremony (if it is outside), then the rest of the day can be worked around the weather or why not even make the most of those stormy clouds in the sky?

So if rain is forecast for your wedding day or you wake up on the morning of your wedding to a grey sky, don't be worried... Be excited that you will be able to create some beautiful and romantic images, with gorgeous dramatic skies in the background!

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