Anthony & Andrea : E-session Bells Rapids

13 Mar 2014            Jessica Ratty

Last weekend I photographed Andrea and Anthony's amazing wedding day. The day was perfect, they went to so much effort to think of the smallest details. They are such a fun couple to be around and to work with, it was definitely one of my favourite weddings! 

Andrea and Anthony had their E-session at one of my favourite locations - Bells Rapids. Usually there is a beautiful river flowing through the middle, but it had all dried up over Summer. But it was still amazing for photos as there is just so much around!

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Liam & Jasmin : South Perth E-session

19 Feb 2014            Jessica Ratty

Liam & Jasmin's E-session was one of my favourite E-session shoots I have photographed. They chose to have a very vintage glamour theme to their shoot. We photographed the shoot on the South Perth Foreshore, with the most amazing soft late afternoon light. Jasmin and Liam had really planned their gorgeous outfits and brought along quite a few different props and details, which just adds that little exta to the images! 

This is their "Love Album", which they had at their reception for their guests to see. 

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Ben & Corina : Hyde Park E-session

17 Feb 2014            Jessica Ratty

I photographed Ben & Corina's E-session at the gorgeous Hyde Park. We did the shoot in the late afternoon, when the sun is softer and gives a more golden light - it really is the perfect time for portraits! It also means we can make the most of the beautiful sunset as the light goes down, to create some more moody, romantic images.


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Liam & Jasmin South Perth Foreshore E-session : Teaser

27 Sep 2013            Jessica Ratty

Yesterday I photographed the beautiful Jasmin and Liam's E-session at the South Perth Foreshore. They decided to give their E-session a slight Vintage Glamour feel - which I LOVE! Here is a little teaser from the session! I can't wait to photograph their gorgeous wedding in December at Caversham House. 

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Amy & Matt : E-session Signature Album

28 Aug 2013            Jessica Ratty

Last month I photographed the gorgeous Amy and Matt's E-session up in Karratha. Amy and Matt decided to have a signature album designed from their session, to have on display at their wedding for their guests to sign. 

I can't wait to photograph their wedding in November at AQWA - such a beautiful venue for weddings. They are such a beautiful couple and so amazing to work with!

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Matt & Amy : Destination E-session Karratha

05 Jul 2013            Jessica Ratty

On Tuesday I added a little teaser from Matt & Amy's amazing E-session that I photographed up in Karratha over the weekend. But I couldn't help but add another little teaser today! This is one of my favourite images from the session. The scenery in Karratha is incredible! 

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Matt & Amy : Destination E-session Karratha Teaser

02 Jul 2013            Jessica Ratty

On Sunday, I flew up to Karratha for the day to photograph the beautiful Amy and Matt's E-session. The weather was a lot different to the last time I flew up to Karratha to photograph Leon & Natalie's E-session. This time it was windy and cool, with puddles of water around! 

Karratha is such an amazing place to photograph an E-session, it is definitely my favourite place to shoot! Everywhere you look - there is something incredible to see! 

This is just a little teaser from their session but there will be more to come!


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Leon & Natalie : E-session Signature Album

21 Feb 2013            Jessica Ratty

A few months ago I flew up to Karratha to photograph the amazing Natalie & Leon's E-session! It was by far my favourite E-session that I have ever photographed! The scenery was amazing and the locations were unlimited! 

I recently designed an E-session album from their shoot, for this layout, I wanted to keep it really white and simple. I find that these types of layouts are far more timeless and don't date. It also helps the images to be the stars of the album and matches our wedding album style.

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Leon & Natalie : Destination E-session : Karratha

11 Dec 2012            Jessica Ratty

I am so excited to share one of my absolute favourite shoots that I have ever done! I flew up to Karratha to photograph the absolutely gorgeous Natalie & Leon's E-session. Before I flew up, I was expecting just orange dirt - but once I arrived, I realised how wrong I was! The landscape was amazing! Beaches made from crushed shells, tides out for hundreds of metres so you could walk all the way out into the sea, hills covered in amazing rocks, old buildings, the list goes on. It was one of the most amazing places that I have ever photographed and to make it even better I was photographing a seriously smoking couple, who are also such beautiful people!

They gave me tours of the town and were happy to do anything for the session. They never even complained while they were climbing huge rocks covered in red dirt, walking through grass and rocks looking out for snakes, walking in mud, not even when they were fully clothed and laying in the ocean.

Natalie and Leon - you were so amazing to work with and I cannot wait to photograph your wedding day .. I promise no mud or water!

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Sam & Emily E-session : Signature Album

18 Oct 2012            Jessica Ratty

The gorgeous Emily & Sam's wedding is less than two weeks away! I photographed their E-session at the beautiful Hillary's Boat Harbour and they have decided to have a signature album at their wedding for all of their guests to sign. 

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