30 Oct 2015            Jessica Ratty

I had the pleasure of photographing the Bridal Boudoir session of the insanely gorgeous Miss J last month, ready to surprise her Groom-To-Be on their wedding day in November. So I can't share her images just yet, but I can share a teaser of her beautiful white, "For Your Eyes Only" Album. 

When Miss J saw her album design for the very first time, she sent me the sweetest thank you message. I think it is definitely safe to say that she LOVED her album! I can't wait to hear all about her Groom's reaction!



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28 Oct 2015            Jessica Ratty

The absolutely gorgeous and incredibly sweet Miss D, decided to have a Bridal Boudoir Session as a surprise for her Groom To Be before their wedding day. Miss D decided to have a completely white themed session, every outfit she brought along was white and followed the Bridal theme, which looked stunning in her little brag book! 

On the morning of their wedding, her Groom opened his gift, he loved it so much that he messaged her before he even got to see his Bride at their ceremony. Miss D was then so happy and excited, that she also messaged me a beautiful thank you note on their Wedding Day! I am so incredibly lucky to always have the most amazing clients!

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23 Oct 2015            Jessica Ratty

It feels like it has been so long since I blogged, but I am back and have so much to share with you all! I haven't forgotten about you all, it has just been such a busy time with so many very exciting things happening! 

The Boudoir Studio has been very busy lately, with so many gorgeous girls booking in their sessions. But I have been especially busy with so many stunning Perth Bride To Be's, who have all decided to have a Bridal Boudoir Session done, as a very unique gift for their Grooms on the morning of their Wedding! As most girls have their sessions well in advance of their special event or wedding day, I can't share many of them just yet (as I am always very careful about putting up even the smallest teaser before the gift has been given, just in case a partner happens to recognise the smallest detail on an outfit, an engagement ring, or piece of jewellery). So I am dying to share some of these sessions with you. I have been so blessed as I always seem to get the sweetest and most amazing clients! 

So for now, I will just share with you a sweet thank you message which I received from the STUNNING Miss E, after I photographed her session! She hasn't even seen her finished "For Your Eyes Only" Album yet and is already so happy and in love with her images! Just wait until she sees her album! 

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03 Aug 2015            Jessica Ratty

These sweet little books are just another option for any portrait session. For Boudoir's, whilst our "For Your Eyes Only" Albums are definitely our most popular product, these are also a favourite for some girls. If you prefer something small, intimate and simple, these are definitely for you. These little books fit one image per page and can come in a range of different styles, sizes, colours and cover materials. 

The two below are both linen covers, one being a traditional flip book, while the other is a zig zag book. 

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25 Jul 2015            Jessica Ratty

After your Boudoir Session is photographed, you get to see all of your beautiful images and choose what images are your favourites at your Image Consultation. At this consult, you can choose which images you absolutely love and what products suit your style, images that you have chosen and of course, your budget. We have many different options to choose from, to present your stunning images. From small prints, to large framed art images, to brag books and photo boxes to our signature "For Your Eyes Only" Albums. 

Our FYEO albums are definitely the most popular product with our Boudoir clients, as they are 100% personalised to suit you and your images. You can choose from different sizes, album covers, colours, amount of pages etc. There are also different layout options to choose from, depending on what style you prefer. Once you have chosen your album and images, your album is then hand designed for you, to suit your images that you have selected. All of the images are retouched and airbrushed, ready for your stunning album.

Our "For Your Eyes Only" Albums are the perfect gift for your partner, or even a gift for yourself, they are such a beautiful product, that you can treasure forever. 

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09 Jul 2015            Jessica Ratty

Some of my absolute favourite Boudoir Sessions that I have photographed, are the ones of girls who would never usually get anything like this done and so their partners are definitely not expecting it! One of the reasons why I love them so much is because usually the girl starts off so shy and nervous at the beginning of the session but by the end, she is so much more confident and relaxed and realises just how gorgeous she is! Then by the time they come in to see their images, they are even more excited and confident. When it comes time to pick up their beautiful finished images or album, they are feeling so gorgeous and proud of their images, that they are just so excited to surprise their partner with the images. 

This was definitely the case with the absolutely beautiful and ridiculously sweet Miss C, she was just so much fun to photograph and so lovely! Miss C had a session done originally as a gift for her Husband-to-be on the morning of their Wedding Day, but then decided to only give him a few images on their Wedding Day (so that he would think that was all she had done) and then a couple of months later, she surprised him again with a "For Your Eyes Only" Album for his Birthday! 

Miss C absolutely loved her album and couldn't wait to surprise her new Husband with the album, it is definitely something that he wouldn't have been expecting!

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08 Jun 2015            Jessica Ratty

I  love photographing Boudoir sessions, they are one of my favourite things to shoot! I am so lucky to always have the most incredible clients who are just so much fun to work with. Not only are my clients amazing to work with, but they always bring in the most beautiful and unique outfits. 

Miss E's Boudoir session was no exception! She was so much fun to work with and just so sweet. Not to mention she looked incredible and had gorgeous outfits! Miss E sent me the most wonderful email telling me all about her partners reaction, when she gave him his album on their anniversary!

"Its finally FINALLY our anniversary and I handed over the album this morning.
It was a HUGE hit!!
His first words were "Oh wow" and then "you look beautiful"
He literally paged through the album a couple of times before being able to put it down, and was wearing this goofy grin the entire time :) He kept picking out favourite pics as he went - and unsurprisingly they matched with my favourites.
It was exactly the reaction I was hoping for.
And he's convinced that the enlarged photo should be framed and hung in the living room... erm, we will have to discuss that a bit further, I think ;)

Thank you SO much for making this possible! It was honestly one of the best experiences a girl could have. You made me feel EXTREMELY comfortable in front of the camera, and the pictures are amazing.
I honestly can't say enough good things about it!

Thank you VERY VERY much, Jess!"

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01 Jun 2015            Jessica Ratty

The absolutely gorgeous and sweet Miss C decided to have a Bridal Boudoir session to give to her Husband-to-be on the their Wedding Day. Usually our Bride's get their Groom to open their gift on the morning of the Wedding, before they even see each other. Miss C decided to do it a little differently, which I absolutely loved! Miss C waited until after the ceremony, when they had a few minutes alone together and gave him the first image. Then throughout the day she staggered the images she gave him, as a little teaser throughout the day.

I love when my clients have their own unique ideas and add their own personal touches to their shoots. How sweet is this?

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25 May 2015            Jessica Ratty

I love when a past client refers their friends and family to me! It is definitely the greatest compliment they can give. Miss T was recommended to me by one of my past Bridal Boudoir clients, who loved her images so much that she told Miss T about them. 

The absolutely stunning Miss T decided to have a Bridal Boudoir Portrait session as a gift to her Husband-To-Be on the morning of their Wedding Day. She brought along the most beautiful outfits, made from different textures, fabrics and detail, which is always perfect for a Boudoir Session! 

" Hi Jess, Thanks again for your beautiful work . The photographer gave the album to my husband-to-be on the wedding morning and he was blown away !! I will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for an amazing photographer ."

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30 Mar 2015            Jessica Ratty

Photographing Miss A's boudoir session was so much fun! She was so sweet and gorgeous. Miss A decided to have a session, not only as a gift for herself but as a gift to her Husband. After Miss A picked up her finished images and album, she sent us a beautiful review! This is just a little sneak peek from her session.

"I booked Jess for a boudoir shoot after hearing great things about her work. Jess has a wonderful calming nature, she is happy, she is relaxing and professional - I cannot recommend her highly enough. She was more than happy to try different poses and styles that I was really looking for and not fazed a single bit when I asked to take a few pics sans clothes (haha!). She is really helpful when choosing what photos to keep and which ones to get enlarged. I could not be happier with the prints and will recommend her to everyone :-)"

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