Dave & Dani : Esperance Wedding Teaser

18 Feb 2015            Jessica Ratty

Just a super sweet little teaser from the beautiful Dani & Dave's gorgeous beach wedding in Esperance. They are just the cutest couple ever!


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Dave & Dani : Esperance Wedding

27 Jan 2015            Jessica Ratty

Over the weekend I was very lucky to escape the Perth heat and fly to Esperance, to photograph the incredible beach wedding of Dave & Dani. The setting was beautiful, the beaches were picturesque and the Bride was stunning. I had such a great time photographing their special day, even with a very early start to meet Dave at the beach to get some shots of him fishing! A teaser will be up very soon!

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Tegan & Dylan : Caversham House Wedding

17 Oct 2014            Jessica Ratty

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the gorgeous Tegan & Dylan's Wedding last month at the always incredible Caversham House. They both got ready at The Vines Resort, which is only a short drive away. Their ceremony and Reception were both at Caversham House. Caversham is always amazing for photographs! The options and possibilities are endless. They had quite a big Bridal Party - 6 Bridesmaids and 6 Groomsmen, I love love love big Bridal Parties, they always look so good in photos!

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Our Wedding Day : Our Invitations

13 Oct 2014            Jessica Ratty

It is no secret that I love details, especially unique details. I get so excited when I am photographing a wedding and the Bride & Groom have gone out of their way to have unique and beautiful details. It just adds another element of interest and excitement to the day, especially for their guests. 

I especially love unique invitations and stationary at a Wedding. So when it came to designing our own Wedding Stationary, I really wanted to think of something unique and something that our Guests hadn't seen before, I also really wanted them to match our "French" style Wedding Day. Both the "Save The Dates" and the Formal Wedding Invitation, was designed and all made by me (with the help of my very helpful Bridesmaids & Husband!)

First, was our Save The Dates. Our guests received a little box with their names hand stamped on to a little paper lace doily. I also had a stamp made with our initials and wedding date "SJ 18.05.13", which was stamped above the guest names just to add another personal touch. 

When the boxes were opened, inside was the actual "Save The Date" itself, sitting on a little nest of shredded wood wool. For the actual Save The Dates, we had three little pencils bound together by twine, linked to a large cream luggage tag, with the details of the day printed on it .. along with the headline "Pencil in the Date". 

For our Wedding Invites, I really wanted a "Book" type invite. The invites were presented in rectangle "Kraft" Cardboard Boxes and again, layer on a bed of Shredded Wood Wool (which I love to use for presenting invitations). The invitation was covered in a beautiful cream linen and then wrapped with a cream ribbon bow. 

Once the bow was undone, the invitation folded out to a "Zig Zag" style book. The first page was titled "Love & Marriage" and contained all of the information for the day, that the guests needed to know. The next page was "Our Story", which had all of the important little events, from the moment Stuart and I met, until that point, i.e. How we met, our first home, the engagement etc - again we just wanted to personalise them a little more. 
The next page was a hand drawn map of York (where our Wedding was held) - drawn by my very talented sister, Melissa. It contained the Wedding Venue and all of the important landmarks in York, to help the guests get around.
The last page on the first side was a list of "Accommodation" in York, with a list of different options and a very brief explanation on the type of accommodation they offer, to help our guests decide where to stay, depending on their tastes. 

The back of the book, contained a page about gifts and then a page with their RSVP card and the RSVP details that they needed to know. 

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Tegan & Dylan : Caversham House Wedding

03 Oct 2014            Jessica Ratty

It was a busy weekend, with 2 incredible, but very different Weddings in one weekend. On Sunday I photographed the most adorable and gorgeous couple - Tegan & Dylan's Wedding Day at Caversham House. Their reception was in the main house, which has recently been completely redone and is AMAZING!!! It was so much fun to photograph in the new room! 

I can't wait to add more images from their Wedding Day! 

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Pauline & Matt : Fremantle Maritime Museum Wedding

01 Oct 2014            Jessica Ratty

Last Friday, I photographed the beautiful Pauline and Matt's Wedding Day. Their ceremony was at the gorgeous Cottesloe Civic Centre, while their Reception followed at the incredible and unique Fremantle Maritime Museum. 

Here is a little teaser from their reception, overlooking the beautiful Fremantle waters. 

A bigger sneak peek from their Wedding Day will follow soon!

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Wedding Day : Choosing Your Wedding Cake

03 Sep 2014            Jessica Ratty

Another choice that Bride's often find hard to make, is finding the perfect wedding cake that will match their wedding theme and style. I have seen a huge range of different wedding cakes over my time shooting weddings. From simple and timeless cakes, to traditional styled wedding cakes, to cupcake towers, to replicas of the Groom's car... So I thought I would share just a few for you, to show that you don't always have to stick to the "traditional" cake of what people think you should have. It is really up to you and what represents you and the style you want for your wedding day!

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Wedding Day Tips : What flowers are right for you?

27 Aug 2014            Jessica Ratty

So many Brides can't decide what type of bouquet they would like or what colours. Your flowers can definitely set the theme and style for your wedding. From really modern bouquets that are made from metal badges and pins, to beautiful rose bouquets, to long stem lilies, Australian native flowers, the more traditional older style of teardrop bouquets or the beautiful modern soft bouquets (which I absolutely love!!). When choosing your flowers, you also want to make sure that you consider the weather of when you are getting married, delicate flowers are not recommended for a hot Summer day, as they will wilt very quickly. Some of the bouquets in these images are made from completely fake "Real Touch" flowers but you would never know, they look amazing and real!

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Amy & Matt : Wedding Album AQWA

22 Aug 2014            Jessica Ratty

Amy & Matt's wedding was a beautiful Summer beach wedding and then their reception was at the amazing AQWA Reception Centre. Their wedding invites were such a unique a cool idea - each guest got a "message in a bottle" which had the invite scrolled on the inside, a cork in the top, a name tag and some "sand" to match the wedding theme. I LOVE unique wedding invitations! 

They are such a fun and nice couple and it is always so much fun to photograph them, their Bridal Party was also so much fun on the day and we captured so many beautiful photos. 

Amy & Matt loved their images so much that they ended up wanting quite a large album - 78 pages! When it arrived from our album manufacturer, it was beautiful... and big! But amazing! So I wanted to just share some of their pages from their wedding album.

When I use to design albums we would put coloured backgrounds in/different textures etc, but now I find that they can date very easily and quickly. Styles change and you really don't want your wedding album to date. You want it to be a beautiful, timeless piece of art that can be your first family heirloom! So now my albums all have very white simple backgrounds, which makes the photos stand out, keeps it clean and simple and is so much more timeless. White will never go "out of fashion". 

I like to keep the designs nice and simple, I don't like to clutter all of the pages with too many images as it can begin to look just like a proof book or scrap book. Which you definitely don't want, you want an album that is breathtaking and beautiful, that showcases your dream wedding day.

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Wedding Tip : Choosing Your Bridesmaid Gown Colour

18 Aug 2014            Jessica Ratty

When I am talking to my Brides -to- Be, one of the most common questions I get is "What colour Bridesmaid Dresses should they go with?"..."What colour looks best in photos?". So I wanted to do a blog showing a whole series of different Bridesmaid Gown Styles and colours, so you can see how they all come up in images and which one suits you best!

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